How to spot good science for yourself

In the interest of capturing attention, the media can sometimes exaggerate or misinterpret scientific findings, creating misconceptions of the original discovery among readers. Often, you can verify the reliability of science news if you can:  

1.  Identify the research paper(s) mentioned.  







2.  Find similarities between the aims and claims of the research paper and that of the media article.






3.  Read the findings of the research paper and make comparisons with the media’s conclusions. 








4.  Search for other news mentioning the same discovery. 

5.  Find other research papers describing similar findings.













6.  Access or observe the data. 









7.  Identify the research group behind the findings. 

By clicking this link, you can access the scientific article
Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 7.42.32 PM.png
Online news article
Original scientific paper
Neither the goal nor the claims of the original paper are reflected in the news headline.
Online news article
Original scientific paper
The news headline opposes the conclusions from the scientific evidence.
Finding one article online
Check other news
Online news
Several research papers pointing to similar findings
Data can be displayed or described...
...Alternatively, you could access the data yourself.
You can often look up the research group behind the findings
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